The Countdown: Angel Bat Dawid, Tommy Stinson, Sky Furrows (Audio)

Jun 03, 2023

Counting down ten new sounds, stories, or songs, "American Top 40"-style. Usually the top ten is recent songs, but sometimes there are thematic countdowns, or local music-themed shows. This week: new sounds from Angel Bat Dawid, Tommy Stinson, Sky Furrows, Mad Professor, Rob Mazurek, and others.

  • Waiting Room / Fugazi
  • Action Radio / Mad Professor
  • Easter / Stephen Bluhm
  • Revolution 9 / The Beatles
  • Here We Go Again / Tommy Stinson's Cowboys In The Campfire
  • Three Hours / John Parish/Aldous Harding
  • Jazz is the musical expression of the triumph of the Negroes Spirit / Angel Bat Dawid
  • Future Shaman / Rob Mazurek
  • My Lovely Cat! / Deerhoof
  • Not Strong Enough / boygenius
  • Vuma / Meshell Ndegeocello
  • Radio Box (excerpt) / Wolf Eyes
  • Insane (feat. Ant Clemons) / Terrace Martin