Making Waves: Jesse Stewart and Matt Edwards of Mixed Metaphors (Audio)

Jul 09, 2022
Produced by New Adventures in Sound Art.

This month on Making Waves includes sound art created in public outdoor spaces and focus on two projects that open up access to the music making process. In the first half host Darren Copeland talks to Jesse Stewart and Matt Edwards of Mixed Metaphors about their approach to interactive art in public settings. They will share their experiences making their latest works Orbits and The Gong Show. In the second half of Making Waves pieces in the NORDIC SoUNDPORTRAITS series of 2012 by Jorgen Teller are presented. These pieces were made in a public setting by Teller through one-on-one interactions with the audience member. Much like a sketch artist may create an impromptu portrait of a person, these pieces do the same using sound and music.