Extra Webstream: Nothing But The Truth (Audio)

Jul 11, 2017
Produced by Mat Tombers and Andrew Joffee. 

"Nothing But The Truth,” is a tale of pre-World War I spies, counter spies, and saboteurs. Performed live by the WGXC Diamond Street Radio Players under the direction of Andrew Joffee and Mat Tombers,
David McNeely -- Logan Rando
Mary McNeely -- Nancy Rothman
Mrs. Lillian Elias -- Alicia Vergara
Mr. Walter Elias -- Andrew Joffe
Paulette Cartier -- Loralee Ecobelli
Stanley the Steward -- Patrick O’Connor
Pete Jones -- Chris Anderson
Kate Miller -- Alana Hauptman
Waiter -- Patrick O’Connor
Captain Werner Kraus -- Nick Hardcastle