Nothing to See Here: 42 Hey, Elevator (Audio)

Jan 06, 2020
Created by David Clark.

If elevators could talk... In this episode we meet: Carrie, who takes a special interest in the romantic life of her building's occupants, Melvin, an elevator in a department store, Rufus, an elevator installed in a historic building in Stockholm, a space elevator, Debra and Tammy, two elevators who work in a mall, and Big Al, an industrial elevator in Chicago who laments for the exciting times in Al Capone's neighbourhood.

Featuring the voices of Mauve Mulroy, Raf MacDonald, Lucien Easton, Nicola Cirtwell, Lil MacDonald, and Michael Day.With the help and additional writing by Jeremy Early, Aidan McMahon, Ross Unger, Lelland Reed, and David Clark. Sound Mixing and Sound Design by Aidan McMahon. Produced by David Clark.