Making Waves: History of Art's Birthday with Hank Bull, Elisabeth Zimmermann, and Ward Weiss (Audio)

Jan 13, 2024
Produced by Darren Copeland.

On the 17th of January one million and 61 years ago someone dropped a dry sponge into a bucket of water and Art was born. Making Waves starts off the New Year of 2024 looking back at the history of celebrating the birthday of Art. We will begin with the artist Hank Bull who has participated in many Art's Birthday celebrations since its origins in Fluxus and Mail Art. After that, we will listen to Elisabeth Zimmermann from Kunstradio at the ORF radio in Austria followed by Ward Weiss (also known as Planktone), a former radio engineer and independent radio artist. They will tell us about the unique ways in which Art’s Birthday has been celebrated on the radio in Europe since 1999. For the celebration this year in 2024, Planktone produced a piece of sound art drawing reference to the 50th anniversary of John Cage’s piano work Etudes Australes. We will listen to different parts of the piece in between the conversations. To listen to that piece in its entirety go to the Planktone website.