The Dream Had Me (Audio)

May 10, 2020
Curated and hosted by Joan Schuman at Earlid.

Peer through the peephole. Listen to sound art that meanders around the mingled zones of the awakened and wobbly, less-conscious states. "The Dream Had Me" is this year’s Liminal Sounds, an annual international collection of artistry at Earlid. As with its online gallery space, revel in a dozen short works with Earlid's curating host Joan Schuman. Featured artists include: Adriene Lilly , Blanc Sceol (Stephen Shiell + Hannah White), Diana Chester, Gabi Schaffner, Jeff Gburek, Joan Schuman, John Roach, Lou Barnell, Neil Verma, Sarah Washington, Timo Kahlen, and Ubu Kung.

Listen … index finger to lips … shhh/shh … We have no earlids.