Bells, Bugs, Whispers & Plinks: Water Lung/Stone Quarry (Audio)

May 30, 2023
Hosted by Stephen Bradley and Edward Ruchalski.

Bells, Bugs, Whispers & Plinks is inspired by a Wave Farm artist residency that co-hosts Bradley and Ruchalski were awarded in the summer of 2019. The radio show focuses on original music using field recordings, sound sculptures, found sounds and improvisations as sound sources for both solo and collaborative music created by Bradley and Ruchalski specifically for each show. Occasionally, works by other musicians are broadcasted. These works are based on concepts of acoustic ecology, chance music, musique concrète, microtonality, lowercase and ambient music. Please contact Bradley at ( or Ruchalski at ( for information about the program.


noising rod & the crepe myrtle tree, 4:01
repeated figures, 5:06
water lungs 1, 4:18
all at once, 5:47
stone quarry sculpture mixdown, 3:42
water lungs 2, 3:13
reimagining in reverse, 4:05
stone quarry sculpture/fire night & water lungs 3, 3:34
water lungs 3, 2:58
reimagining BroodX-fire night I, 6:26
reimagining BroodX-fire night II, 6:20
stone quarry sculpture & chimes, 4:08

All tracks by Bradley & Ruchalski