WGXC Afternoon Show: David Goren's "Irradiant Waves" (Audio)

Dec 05, 2020

This broadcast features David Goren's Irradiant Waves. Writes Goren, "You can’t see them, but the skies above New York City hold a tangle of transgressive, culture-bearing radio signals. Pulsing imperceptibly from antennas connected to clandestine rooftop transmitters, they seep through the cracks of a radio dial crammed nearly wall-to-wall with corporate controlled stations. The sounds of Soca, Reggae and Caribbean Gospel music pour out of simple FM radios in homes and community hangouts throughout tight-knit, sometimes struggling West Indian and Latinx immigrant enclaves."

David Goren is the creator of the Brooklyn Pirate Radio Sound Map. Irradiant Waves was produced by David Goren for XRCB, a network of community stations in Barcelona, Spain. More information at

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