Saturday Morning Serial: Turn Ons (Audio)

Jul 30, 2016
Produced by Tom Roe.
Radio art, radio theatre, experiments, live show, anything goes on this nightly/early morning hour of radio. Tonight, turning on is the subject, with songs from Joni Mitchell ("You Turn Me On, I'm a Radio"), Grateful Dead ("Turn on Your Lovelight"), The Flaming Lips ("Turn it On"), Roxy Music ("To Turn You On"), Genesis ("Turn it on Again"), Harry Nilsson ("Turn on Your Radio"), Leadbelly ("Turn 'yo Radio On"), Bill Anderson ("Every Time I Turn the Radio On"), Dwight Yoakam ("Turn it On, Turn Me Up"), The Statler Brothers ("Turn Your Radio On"), Kellie Pickler ("Turn on The Radio and Dance"), Paul Oakenfeld (a reversed "Turn it On"), The Suburbs ("Turn the Radio On"), and Ice Cube ("Turn the Radio Off"), with a radio station scene from the movie "Do the Right Thing" included.