The Sugar Shack Jukebox: 20210924 (Audio)

Sep 24, 2021

After the local news at noon, tune in to the Sugar Shack Jukebox and follow your musical curiosity into unforeseen places. You'll hear R&B, soul, funk, rock, reggae, blues, psychedelic, hip hop, art rock, local music, and much more; studio and live cuts, instrumentals, rarities and album tracks alongside well-known and loved classic hits. With a musicological bent, the SSJ offers enough juice for the music geek while maintaining the fun for casual listeners of all ages. Call-ins and guest musicians encouraged and welcomed! Broadcast live from the Hudson studio. Studio phone: (518) 828-0290.

Noted enthusiast Jared Widjeskog was locally grown in Stuyvesant, NY. After several worldwide travels and stints living in major U.S. cities, he unscientifically confirmed a long-held notion that Columbia County is the Center of the Universe. He seeks a greater truth through experiences with people, music, and the great outdoors. Jared is concerned about justice regarding social problems, the economy, and the environment. A few of his heroes, for whom he holds utmost respect and admiration, include John Muir, Malcolm X, Pete Seeger, and Bob Marley. He is thankful for his parents and loved ones, and for the vital role WGXC plays in shaping the future of Columbia and Greene Counties. Jared hosts the Sugar Shack Jukebox, which can be heard every Friday from noon until 2 p.m. on WGXC.