Situation Fluxus: Joe Bebco, Samuel Mösching (Audio)

Jan 27, 2022
Produced by Cheryl K.
In this broadcast, a conversation with Joe Bebco, associate editor of “The Syncopated Times.” The Utica, NY-based publication is the only monthly newspaper focused on hot jazz, ragtime, and swing. "The Syncopated Times" is available in print and online at, and it has a Facebook presence, as well. Plus an interview with guitarist, composer, and educator Samuel Mösching. His fifth studio release entitled “Ethereal Kinks” becomes available on February 18.

"Situation Fluxus" is a weekly one-hour program focused on jazz and improvised music, news, radio, conversations, and more. Hosted by Cheryl K., host of "The Jazz Disturbance," every Sunday on WGXC-FM.