The Jazz Disturbance: 20220116 (Audio)

Jan 16, 2022

A show featuring jazz and other improvised music from local, regional, worldwide, and world-class artists. From Hudson, NY on WGXC (90.7-FM). "The Jazz Disturbance" playlist and news are available at and at

Artist | Song | Title | Label
Etta Jones/If I Had You/Don’t Go to Strangers/Prestige [3:51]
Benjamin Deschamps/Healing Chant - The Incantation/Augmented Reality/Benjamin Deschamps [3:10]
William Susman/The River - Map - Part of this Tundra/Oil on Ice/Belarca [5:00] 
Sara Schoenbeck (feat. Nicole Mitchell)/Sand Dune Trilogy/Sara Schoenbeck/Pyroclastic [9:54]
Ryuichi Sakamoto/The Garden of Poppies/Hidari Ude No Yume/WeWantSounds [5:37]
Mark Egan, Danny Gottlieb/Offering/Electric Blue/Wavetone [10:16]
Jacqueline Kerrod/December 28 - Glassy Fingers/17 Days in December/Orenda [7:36]
Dave Young/Inside a Silent Tear/Mantra/Modica Music [5:55]
OGJB Quartet/OGJB #4/Ode to O/TUM [5:13]
Earl MacDonald/In His Holy Temple/Consecrated/Outside in Music [2:43]
Adam Rudolph/Deneb/Resonate Bodies/Meta [5:24]
Flounder/Space Age/I’m the Flounder/Cure-All [9:11]
Lunar Octet/Oldavai Gorge/Convergence/Summit [5:32]
Dan Wilson/Inner City Blues/Vessels of Wood and Earth/Verve [6:38]
Quinn Sternberg/Scarborough Fair/Mind Beach/Quinn Sternberg Music [5:21]
Jake Reed/Sneakin’ on Out/Reed Between the Lines/Real & Imagined Music [6:24]