WGXC Afternoon Show: sTo Len (Audio)

Jun 12, 2021
Hosted by Tom Roe.

Tune in for the premiere of sTo Len's Live Streaming created while in-residence at Wave Farm. Live Streaming features a chorus of the watershed in the Greene County area of New York State. The singers include Catskill Creek, DuBois Creek, Thorp Creek, Bowery Creek, Shingle Kill, Kaaterskill Creek, the Hudson River, and a few unnamed ponds as well as last week’s rain, insects, birds, and frogs. Instrumentation includes hydrophones, contact mics, cassette recorder, radio, Priezor electromagnetic antenna, iPhone, geiger counter, a metal chair, divining rods, an ice cream truck, a boat, oars, cars, drainage pipe, the wind, some dogs, rocks and a few of John Cage’s old rainsticks.