Itinerant Mind: BRING.IT.ON!! (Audio)

Jan 21, 2017
Performed by Annie Morrad and Ian McArthur.

Welcome to the first Itinerant Mind of 2017 with Morrad+McArthur. Troubling times like these call for us to be vigilant, call out bigotry, persecution and divisive voices everywhere, and above all in whatever you do live, love and work in the spirit of the world you really want to create. Embracing the chaos, we introduce this month’s show with a banshee wail and launch into 2017 with a clear message to all the gathering dark forces - ‘BRING.IT.ON!!’.

Annie has been building on, reframing and pushing forward the language of our live performance in Stoke-on-Trent from last month’s broadcast. Ian’s focus has been on processing new field recordings taken in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney and the pieces Annie is sending through online - these diverse recordings from environments in the UK and Australia are pushing us forward into new sonic territory for us and have become the basis of the mix you’ll hear this month.

Annie Morrad is based in the UK and Ian McArthur lives in Sydney, Australia. Every month Itinerant Mind presents a mix of live telematic improvisations between the UK and Australia alongside material we have developed through the email and skype conversations that direct our collaborative sound art practice.