The Deciding Mind: Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience (Audio)

May 20, 2012
Hosted by Mitchell Belgin and Shelly Menolascino
Dr’s Carl L. Cohen MD, John L. Kubie PhD, Ramotse Saunders MD, and Amjad Hindi from SUNY Downstate Medical Center have spent the past year having lunch together, but perhaps not eating much. Instead they’ve formed a “brown bag” lunch group to work out their ideas about morality, philosophy, neuroscience,cognitive science, genetics, and.., well, you get the idea. They discuss on the radio the presentation they gave at the recent 2012 American Psychiatric Association’s annual meeting where they presented a talk covering a wide range of issues that affect our society and our decisions about mental wellbeing. Inherited genetic coding versus environment (nature vs. nurture), the norms and conventions of morality, the biology of morality, the relative nature and cultural underpinnings of normalcy, and what neuroscience has revealed about these topics; these are some of the discussions that this group of Psychiatrists and Neuroscientists delve into.