Making Waves: VLF Radio with Dan Tapper (Audio)

Mar 07, 2024
Produced by Darren Copeland.

This episode features a conversation with Dan Tapper about his interest in VLF. VLF is Very low Frequency Radio or what is often referred to as Natural radio because it makes audible to human ears the electromagnetic waves that encircle the earth. Dan Tapper is a British sound artist based in Toronto and in the second half of the show we will play his radio piece about VLF called "Some Call it Noise". In the interview Dan referenced a documentary about VLF called "Sun Song" that was made by Patrick Sykes. Click Here to listen to "Sun Song."

This monthly one hour program is about radio art and sound art, and is produced by New Adventures in Sound Art's Artistic Director Darren Copeland in South River, Ontario, Canada. The show features Canadian, US, and international artists creating sound-based media art. It focuses on the techniques, processes and motivations of the artists it features as well as individuals supporting the field through dissemination and curatorial activities. The show is a snapshot of what is happening in sound-based media art in the here and now from a northern perspective.