Paul Sadowski, “Three for a Waltz” (Audio)

Oct 07, 2018
Organized by The John Cage Trust. Recorded and streamed by Wave Farm.

This performance piece is cast in the mold of John Cage’s Indeterminacy: 45 spoken stories with two tracks of sound drawn from the 2012 NYMS/John Cage Celebration production of 49 Waltzes for 5 Boroughs. The 45 stories come from Cage’s writings on mushrooms, Gary Lincoff’s about Cage and mushrooms, and mine about the other three.

John Cage was an enthusiastic mycologist who expressed his interest in fungi in his music, his text compositions, and his visual art works, as well as in his lifelong mushroom collecting and identification activities. Organized by the John Cage Trust, John Cage Mycology Day, was a one-day event, featuring a mushroom walk and afternoon presentations, that celebrate Cage's passion for mushrooms and his multifarious contributions to mycology.