Itinerant Mind: 6x10 (Audio)

Jul 15, 2017
Performed by Annie Morrad and Ian McArthur.

Welcome to the July edition of our monthly Itinerant Mind programs with Morrad+McArthur. Annie Morrad is based in the UK and Ian McArthur lives in Sydney, Australia. Every month Itinerant Mind presents a mix of live telematic improvisations between the UK and Australia alongside material we have developed through the email and skype conversations that direct our collaborative sound art practice.

"6x10" is the first output from a new long-term project we are embarking on called “Grid”. 6x10 is six compositions each with a duration of 10 minutes.

This project utilizes concepts of the grid, sound, music, improvisation and cities. The cities are chosen for their personal links to the participating practitioners. This interposes grid structures on London (via ordinance survey maps and staves) on Sydney via structured sound drones, and on NY via live improvisation and broadcast. The aim is to create sonic and ultimately visual structures that offer pretention for new and different forms of sound and audio visual outputs. This references philosophical and theoretical ideas on rhythm (through polyrhythms and Bachelard’s society and rhythm) structures and when to break these (using music theory and Prevost’s writing). These notions will be further developed in different cities, including Shanghai and Chongqing, China later in 2017 and through 2018.