Hudson Valley Word of Mouth: Susan Eley of Susan Eley Fine Art (Audio)

Nov 03, 2021
Produced by Julia Joern.

In the latest Hudson Valley Word of Mouth segment, Julia Joern visits Susan Eley Fine Art. Relatively new to Hudson, but not new to our area, Susan Eley opened her gallery on Warren Street just over a year ago. Here she organizes exhibitions with a roster of international artists that she represents through her original gallery, which has been located for the past 15 years on the Upper West Side of New York City, along with many local artists.

Her gallery model is less 'white cube' and more salon style. In addition to shows, she has hosted political fundraisers, poetry readings, talks, panel discussions, and other special events. She is also the co-founder, along with gallerists Ellen D'Arcy Simpson and Jeremy Bullis, of 2econd Saturday Hudson Gallery Crawl.