Overlooked: Newly Released Music (Audio)

May 11, 2021

After the local news at noon, another genre-spinning and globe-spanning review of recently released music: trippy rock; noisy, jazzy, jittery, punky stuff; lots of vocals, from black metal opera to Chinese cannon singing; ambience and echoes; an Argentinian classical mashup; string duos and quartets; music from Pakistan via Brooklyn; Afro-funk via France; Mesopotamian marsh music; Taiwanese folk-jazz; classic Ethiopian keyboards; Gnawa-infused funk paired with circular breathing; and even an artificially intelligent (or not) composition. Featuring music by Magic Castles; Magnet Animals, Birthday Ass; Mouse on Mars; Les Chants du Hasard; Francisco Del Pino; Tristan Kasten-Krause; Lisel & Booker Stardrum; Leider; String Noise; Elizabeth Chang (Sessions); Danish String Quartet (Bartok); Natik Awayez; Jen Shyu; Arooj Aftab; Supergombo; Hailu Mergia; and Natural Information Society with Evan Parker.

“Overlooked” is a show focusing on overlooked and under-heard jazz, improvisational, and other fringe music, from early roots to contemporary experiments, a mix of familiar to rare, classic to weird. Live from the shadow of Overlook Mountain in Ulster County.

Host Rob Saffer is the former Executive Director and Producer of the Creative Music Foundation.