Music for the Masses: New Releases for Spring 2020 (Audio)

May 17, 2020
What's happening in the world of music? In this broadcast we check out some fresh music from Cuñao, Bantu, Ary Morais, Marla Leigh, Naima Shalhoub, American Aquarium, Tidiane Thiam, Al Bilali Soudan, Frank Yamma, Nohe & Sus Santos, The Sabri Family, Zingaros and more, plus some new compilations. Let's take a first listen together! Music for the Masses invites you on an excursion of sound and rhythm. Discover the music of established and emerging artists, both signed and unsigned, on the international music scene. Expect the unexpected. You might want to pack a map and a sandwich. For the avid globe-hopper and armchair traveler alike. Broadcast live from Catskill.