Hudson Valley Word of Mouth: Alex Rodriguez of Lexington Arts + Science (Audio)

Nov 17, 2021
Produced by Julia Joern.

In the latest Hudson Valley Word of Mouth segment, Julia Joern travels to the southwestern part of Greene County to visit with Alex Rodriguez, founder of Lexington Arts + Science.

Located in the heart of the small town of Lexington (population hovers around 800), and situated right on the Schoharie Creek, Lexington Arts + Science is a physical place, a growing community, and a state of mind. Spanning over 30 acres and home to a collection of a number of large scale buildings that are now slowly being preserved and organically 're-activated' — including a barn-turned-theater, a historic riverfront historic hotel, an old farmhouse, and other structures — this creative revitalization project is also inspired by the 'Strong Towns' movement.