Here To Go: #8 The Gift (Audio)

Feb 25, 2020
Hosted by Xian Hawkins.

A monthly dispatch of music and sound wrapped around a theme. Each episode a loose sonic narrative that hangs together with its own logic. From the straight ahead to the narrow, follow where it leads.

HTG #8 The Gift Tracklist
jan st. werner, mark e. smith - vs cancelled
peter zummo - the tape is chill
terry riley - music for the gift pt. 2
beatrice dillon - workaround two
ola szmidt - rooted
haroumi hosono - ground floor
mogul flores - v
pantha du prince - pius in tacet
keeley forsyth - black bull
the alps - marzipan
asa chang & jung ray - nigatsu
super hit - slim toons in
asa tone - no one holding their tongue
rene hell - quick folding motion
katie gately - rest
zatua - silver horizon
schlomo - vanished breath
miguel flores - III
master vyas - jalang talang