Itinerant Mind: What U hear is not what I hear (Audio)

Jul 21, 2018

This month’s Itinerant Mind has been constructed from our recordings of a live telematic improv recorded on June 30. It explores the often very different recorded documents emerging from our performances. We have increasingly noted that at each of our locations the sound we play emerges with quite different qualities and interruptions. This is in part because of the nature of the spaces we occupy, and the relatively rudimentary recording equipment we use. Our broadcast this month mixes layers of sound captured separately in the UK and Australia from our online performance. Ian’s recording in Sydney segue and merge with Annie’s recordings. Reordered and reframed, they thereby create a new and unique sonic interplay between our two very remote locations. As ever we embrace the effect of a third, non-human agent in the mix - namely the inevitable and unpredictable energies, glitches and feedback the internet brings to our performance. The atmosphere produced this time is one of reflective yet rhythmic textures.