Ian Page with Lucy Segar and Ethan Cowan

In the history of medical science, our fiddling form has been understood by it's failures and aberrations; these deviations are the scope (i.e. sniper and breadth) of knowledge and curiosity. From over head my work plays with flesh and electricity. At face value, the play is the fear, conditioning, and humor in the relationship of flesh and technology, the areas between on and off, timid and brave, the sliding scale of willing participation, understanding, and permeation of physical matter by signal. I am interested in the cultural understanding of tissue as a measurement device for technology: the malleability of flesh juxtaposed with the rigidity of technology, the interface and the syndrome, the resignation, conditioning, skepticism, and paradox in our use of devices. A cocked-eyed perspective, looking at the momentous and lively rubbing of a piece of plastic. Ian Page lives in Pittsburgh, PA.