Bloomsday 2021 (Audio)

Jun 14, 2021
Produced by George Spencer.
Bloomsday 2021 is upon us. Because of COVID-19, there was no celebration of James Joyce’s masterpiece, Ulysses, in 2020. This year we are back with a wonderful cast of readers from the Upper Hudson Valley. You will hear a section from each of the 18 Episodes of the book. Each reading is preceded by a short biography of the reader along with the line numbers of the sections being read. For those interested in following the text we are using the Gabler Edition. The readers include Hollis Seamon, Jamie Stiller, Donna Moylan, Nicholas Haylett, Tom Bo, Alanna Medlock, Laurence Earner, Thatcher Keats, and David Smith. Additional readers are Steve Patterson, Dominique Nahas, Heather Lloyd, Wendy Spielmann, Tim Reynolds, Gordon Scarritt, Brian Olewnick, SJ Jennings, and Elisabeth Henry. The readers are a diverse group of artists, including visual artists, dancers, choreographers, composers, conductors, actors, radio artists, musicians, art and music critics, and multimedia artists. The reading was curated by George Spencer.