Making Waves: Almaguin Highlands Community Soundscapes (Audio)

Jun 10, 2023
Produced by New Adventures in Sound Art.

On today’s episode of Making Waves you will hear soundscape recordings made in the Eastern part of Parry Sound District of Ontario or what is locally known as the Almaguin Highlands. NAISA invited local residents in the area to place a bird feeder on their home property. Inside that bird feeder was an audio recorder that captured the overnight soundscapes of spring. Over the course of this hour we will sample highlights from the recordings that were made between April 18th and May 27th of 2023. You will hear many of the key voices of the local soundscape in our region - peepers, woodpeckers, Canada geese, and other more surprising sounds. Visit the aporee sound map to experience more recordings from Almaguin Highlands Community Soundscapes.