Into the Interface (Audio)

Jan 01, 1994
Created by Norie Neumark
An outstanding audio art documentary about the way computers are re-shaping the face of popular culture and altering the way we look and interact. The program explores computer aesthetics and politics at a visceral and sensual level. It questions the pleasures and compulsions that draw us into the interface. "Interface suggests more than just the screen, the machine surface, on which a new (and old) aesthetics is being imaged. It suggests the human/machine relationship and interaction that is being shaped there— taking us to other spaces, other realities, but also telling us and forming who we are." (Neumark) Into The Interface is structured as an aural hypertext—crossing the listener between a number of "sound stacks"— dressing room, morphland, speedzone, surface and desire. Commissioned by The Listening Room, Australian Broadcasting Corporation.