The Garden Planet Revisited (Audio)

Jan 01, 1992
Created by Jacki Apple
Past and present history resonate through ruins of the future as American astronaut Captain Charlie, a paragon of late twentieth century technological man, hurtles through time and space. Stranded on a station, abandoned and alone, he is on a mission without end. Simultaneously, the Inhabitants of an unnamed place search amongst the architectural remains, gather stories, rumors, myths from Messengers and Witnesses, as they try to reconstruct what happened in the time before "the cities shifted and the Earth turned." Is it a memory, a dream, a hallucination, a prophecy? Originally presented in 1982 as a thirteen scene, hour-long multimedia performance written with music by trombonist Bruce Fowler, the audio was edited and remastered by Apple as a twenty-eight minute work for radio in 1992.