WGXC Morning Show: 20230923 (Audio)

Sep 23, 2023

The "WGXC Morning Show" is a radio magazine show featuring local news, interviews with community leaders and personalities, reports on cultural issues, a rundown of public meetings and local and regional events, with weather updates, and more about and for the community, made mostly through volunteers in the community through WGXC. The Catskill Makers Syndicate produce the "Better Weather" for the show. Rob Gelles produces the Columbia County history segment "Rob Around The County" and "This Month in History" for the show. Interview segments from Justin Maiman are often heard on this show, as our movie updates from Jenny Ghetti and Amanda Lees. Interviews by hosts of the "WGXC Afternoon Show" also get played back here occasionally. And Jack Sencabaugh contributes the "Backtracks in Time" segment about local history. Some reports come from our partner station, WOOC-LP in Troy, out of The Sanctuary for Independent Media. Tom Roe also cuts up local and national news with songs and sounds for the show. The show begins each day with local headlines, weather, and previews of community events. Also tune in for national headlines from the Public News Service on WGXC. Sometimes national, state, or local press conferences, meetings, or events are also broadcast live here. Saturdays the show features weekly episodes of the "I Have Seen Niagara" serial.

  • Born In the U.S.A. / Bruce Springsteen
  • Looney Jazz / The Jazzmaster
  • Stormy Weather / Oscar Peterson
  • Winter Storm (Snowstorm Snow Strong Howling Wind Blowing Stormy Weather Background Noise Clip) [Sound Effect] / Finnolia Sound Effects
  • The Dandy Walks Again / Peter Thomas Sound Orchester
  • Kapitel 6: Mordspielereien - Das todsichere Alibi / Rolf A. Becker
  • Dreaming in the Non-Dream / Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band