OPEN CALL: Reachout Reuse Rebroadcast Recycle

May 13, 2006 10:59 am
Call for Open Contribution
92.5 Mhz FM Berlin, June+July 2006,

Produce a show for an imaginary radio, a snapshot of a channel which
doesn't exist, at least not in Berlin yet. We are looking for radio shows
with something extra, taking a theme and topic that reinterprete formats
that get sent over the airwaves: reports, retrospectives, interviews,
soundscapes, features, radioplays, lectures, label presentations
and event recordings.

We're looking for a preproduced radio show with a distinguishable concept and theme. Not merely a DJ-Mix, but an acoustic window into an own existing world, like a mixtape which precisely characterizes a special genre. (French House 1996, Italo-Western Movie Soundtracks, music concrete made by construction machines in front of your window, etc.)

Assured: You reach an unsual audience during the World Cup via
FM in Berlin and through the web netwide. The transmission is offered to
the program exchange network of with, and (Syndication yes/no in the id3 tag for copyright)

Repetitions of already transmitted material is welcome as well as direct
links. We recommend to put the show under a creative commons license.


- Dataformat: 256kbits/mp3 if possible
- Please fill out the ID3v2 Tag and the description-field
- your emailadress under url, and a copyright info regarding
syndication (yes/no)

Please use or for file transfer
and post url to
- duration: ca 55min
- Intros and Moderation welcome, mastered at 0db
- Please do not send us Audio CDs

We recommend to use audacity for audio editing and mp3 encoding:

Deadline: 23.Mai 2006 presents a new kind of cultural radio in summer 2006
on 92.5 FM in Berlin and on the Web. As a continuation of
and an automated Dokuradio is developed based on
recordings of concerts, parties, lecgtures, readings and discussions.
With the participation of the listeners an acoustic space opens up
for the broad spectrum of the actual cultural production in Berlin.
radioeinszueins is supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds
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