i DVD Release

Aug 04, 2005: 6pm- 8pm
DVD release for 'I' Thursday August 4th from 6-8 pm will be the official launch for our new LoVid DVD, i, and a compilation on the same label CollectivEye with contributions by Oliver Lyons (whose DVD on CollectivEye may also be shown at this) Inju Kaboom, Jeremy Chien/E*Vax, E*Rock/Neon Hunk and more. it's also our 4 year anniversary of being Hinkis-Lapidus (4 years is supposedly fruit and flowers, but please don't bring any cut flowers or apples. it's not an anniversary party anyway, so no need to bring anything, but we might also show Carrie Dashow's video of the first time we met at some point). the event will take place at the New Museum of Contemporary Art store (556 West 22nd St. at 11th ave.) on August 4th, 6-8 pm and is free and open to the public. more information on the museum is at: newmuseum.org During the event, the videos from the compilation will be exhibited on various monitors around the store with headphones and the LoVid DVD will be shown on a plasma screen. There will also be a DJ, Andrew Nelson and 2 live VJ sets from Chris Jordan and Motomichi Nakamura. Beer for the event is sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery. more information about the event is at: http://collectiveye.com/images/ecard080405.jpg you can get more information about our DVD and buy it on line if you can't be there in person at: http://collectiveye.com/dvd3.html information on all three DVDs on CollectivEye is at: http://collectiveye.com/releases.html also, in case you missed the opening last week, some static LoVid work is showing through Sept. 3 at Sixtyseven (547 W. 27 St. 3rd Floor Tues-Sat 11am-6pm) in a show called Sasquatch Society (all about bigfoot and similar creatures, also includes work by Matt Bua+Jesse Bercowetz, Tony Luib, eteam, and many more). see www.sixtysevengallery.com