Anna Friz: You Are Far From Us at Spectropia

Oct 16, 2008 - Oct 26, 2008

Anna Friz will be exhibiting the multi-FM channel installation "You are far from us" at Art + Communication 2008 X International festival for new media culture.

The radio of the future as imagined by the past was filled with the promise of access to realms of the uncanny; where the radio would provide a connection with the dead or other ethereal spirits. Meanwhile, contemporary radio news are filled with incessant reports of the recent dead from wars and disaster. Rather than dream again of the radio transmitting messages from those who have passed away, what communication we might be missing from those still living around us? What nearly inaudible signals, transmitted in moments of intensity or crisis, might we hear if the radio was tuned to hear? What do people seek to transmit, in a moment between the intake of breath and the breath held, waiting, in tension? You are far from us is realized as a multi-channel array of FM receivers and micro-watt transmitters, that constructs an immersive, dynamic sonic environment. Built on the sounds of breath and other bodily exclamations typically absent from regular radio broadcasts, sources for the composition include non-verbal utterances, samples of live witness reports, nervous tics, and inadvertant emotional outbursts. Through the emphasis on breathing I seek to hear the bodies and uncontrollable emotions of those transmitting, to feel close while also feeling their distance. These sounds seep up into the thin heterodyne music of the radios in the array, created from instruments that mirror the human breath (accordion, harmonica) or the detuned radio landscape (theremin, and the interference sounds generated from multi-path and harmonic interference between the different transmitters). The 10th edition of the “Art+Communication” festival, organised by RIXC, takes place in Riga from October 16 – 25, 2008. Titled "Spectropia," this year festival continues to illuminate artistic explorations within the invisible space of electromagnetic spectrum surrounding us.