Ginger Radio Hour: Nkoula Badila (Audio)

Nov 21, 2023

Nkoula Badila works with the earth and the community. She founded Grow Black Hudson a few years ago and still runs its day-to-day focus on food and people. Badila will discuss growing your own food, the Hudson Valley, making community, and her music. Host Justin Maiman, from Cairo, shares his latest inspirations on the "Ginger Radio Hour." The show features music, field recordings, performances, and interviews, primarily with people in and around the Catskill Mountains of New York live from WGXC's Acra studio. Excerpts of interviews on this show are often heard again later on the "WGXC Morning Show" or the "WGXC Afternoon Show," or "All Together Now!"

  • The Question Is How Fast / Superchunk
  • Still Sun / Obongjayar
  • Le Petit Prince, Pt. 1 / Lady Moon & the Eclipse
  • Shine / Lady Moon & the Eclipse
  • NSCORPIO / Nkodia
  • NARIES / Nkodia
  • NVIRGO / Nkodia