The Magic Stranger Show: 20240418 (Audio)

Apr 18, 2024

"The Magic Stranger Show" spins out of control live on Thursday nights from somewhere in Columbia County and features recorded music of all genres in multiple diameters and speeds that add up to 78 = 33 + 45. And for reasons unknown, the infamous Brian Dewan travels across the Rip Van Winkle bridge to join The Magic Stranger and share his unique insights and words of wisdom. The Magic Stranger digs deep into those moldy boxes hidden in the basements of abandoned homes in Columbia and Greene Counties where vinyl and shellac treasures often have alien fungus growing inside the grooves. This fungus provides WGXC listeners with an itch in their ears that will not go away. The Magic Stranger is living proof that there is a fungus among us right here in the WGXC listening area.

  • Six Things to a Cycle / The Residents
  • Back Door Blues (Version 2) / Ultimate Spinach III
  • I've Got a Zebra - She Can Fly / The Unfolding
  • The American Metaphysical Circus / The United States of America
  • Eles / Caetano Veloso
  • Enchanted Farm / The Forbidden Five
  • Raise The Light / Velvet Opera
  • Cumberland / Victoria
  • Nothing To Do / Vulcan
  • I'm A Freak / Wicked Lady
  • Yellow Wall / Wilkinson Tri-Cycle
  • Black Tears / Witch
  • Enchanted Farm / The Forbidden Five
  • A Meditation Mass Part 3 / Yatha Sidhra
  • Microminiature Love / Michael Yonkers Band
  • Coyote / Steve Young