Nothing to See Here: Your Zipper is Down (Audio)

Dec 06, 2021
Created by David Clark.

Experimental audio based on conversation with Joyce Kuang, Victoria McInnis, Carmen Belanger, Daylen Chupik, Shawn Abraham, Dan Becker, Aaron Santiago as well as writing by Zach Hobbs. Additional material by Su Iplikci. With Music by Lucy Yao, Edited by Devin Chambers. Additional Editing and Sound Design by David Clark.

"Nothing to See Here" is a program of experimental spoken word radio produced at NSCAD University and broadcast every week at 10 a.m. on CKDU (88.1FM) in Halifax. It is also broadcast in Sackville, and Wave Farm in New York, and through NAISA radio in Ontario. It was presented at NAISA Conference in Toronto, at the Floatilla Exhibition in Charlottetown, at the Art Gallery of York University listening station, and at the Electronic Literature Organization Conference in Montreal.