Wave Farm begins prepping for public opening in July

Feb 24, 2013 6:31 pm

Justin Down's "Will o' the Wisps" installation at free103point9's Wave Farm in Acra, New York, is getting an overhaul. Gearing up for the spring season, engineer Justin Downs works on site at Wave Farm to reconfigure his "Will o' the Wisps," consisting of eight modules deployed in and around a meadow on the Wave Farm property. Each module runs and performs its function with power derived from the environment (in this case solar). The networked system works together to move listeners around an area in varying patterns, indefinitely.
CCRT's "Circular Spectrum Analyzer" is also undergoing a tune-up, as artists Douglas Repetto (pictured) and LoVid work on site at Wave Farm to upgrade their installation. "Circular Spectrum Analyzer" (CSA) is part of the ongoing Cross Current Resonance Transducer collaboration with LoVid. It is a solar energy to sound and movement transducer. Two solar panels directly power a shortwave radio and two motors. One of the motors continuously tunes the radio across the 19MHz spectrum while the other slowly turns seven wooden discs. The shape and engraving of the discs was determined by data collected from the seven Sunsmile devices in Bonding Energy. The same data was used to engrave intricate patterns on the aluminum body of the sculpture.