Radio News: Biden nominates Sohn for FCC again

Jan 03, 2023 11:20 pm

Makena Kelly reports in The Verge that on Jan. 3 President Joe Biden again nominated Gigi Sohn for a seat on Federal Communications Commission. The FCC has been deadlocked with two Republicans and two Democrats, and critics say Biden did little to get the nomination approved by the Senate. Sohn co-founded the Public Knowledge activist group in 2001 and was chief there until taking a position as counselor for then-FCC Chair Tom Wheeler in 2013. She was nominated in October 2021, but never got a vote. Corporations such as Comcast have lobbied against Sohn in fear of facing more regulations, and Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz claims Sohn would censor conservatives even if executives at radical right-wing news networks Newsmax and One America News Network support Sohn's nomination and praise her longtime commitment to free speech. There is more optimism now about the approval of Sohn's nomination with an extra Senate seat for Democrats after this fall's election. But Democrat Sens. Mark Kelly, of Arizona, and Catherine Cortez Masto, of Nevada, have yet to come out in favor of Sohn's nomination. Read the full story in The Verge.