Hudson Valley Sound: Bobby Previte’s Blueprints (Audio)

Nov 09, 2018
Tune in as Hudson valley composer Bobby Previte leads a conceptual performance from Nov. 8, 2016. Previte has invited some of his favorite musicians in the Hudson Valley and beyond for these inaugural concerts of his newest project, Blueprints. Starting from 1979 and going forward up to the present moment, Previte has ripped a fragment of nearly every piece of music he has written in the last 39 years and placed them all, divorced from their previous context, into one (very long) document. The ensemble will play, distort, improvise around, and sometimes ignore these fragments. Using hand signals, body movements, and the occasional odd glare, Previte conducts the musicians through the maze, taking a different path every night. Part performance, part open rehearsal, part hang out - where audience members as well as players will see the fragments projected on screen - Blueprints should be a wildly different experience each performance.