Making Waves: Kelly Ruth Weaves Music and Art Together in Second Life (Audio)

Nov 11, 2023
Produced by New Adventures in Sound Art.

Today’s show features Kelly Ruth from Edmonton who has adapted her skills as a weaver, visual artist and musician to make live sound art performances on the digital multimedia platform of Second Life. The loom is used both as a visual centrepiece in her performances and is used as a musical instrument amplified with contact mics and modified with live electronics. In her conversation with Host Darren Copeland she talks about bringing her interests together, particularly during the pandemic, and creating a hybrid performance practice that can be experienced both in-person and in the 3-D virtual environment of Second Life. In the latter part of the show we will listen to a Second Life performance recorded by Kelly Ruth in March 2022 that can also be viewed on Kelly Ruth’s YouTube page. Kelly Ruth will also be performing in the upcoming December 12 broadcast on WGXC of You And I Are Water Earth Fire Air Of Life And Death.