John Faso June 21 Telephone Conference Call (audio)

Jun 21, 2018
Recorded by Lynn Sloneker from a telephone conference call.
Congressperson John Faso (R-Kinderhook) answered questions from callers.
The topics discussed in the call (in order):
Immigration -- in general, but also the separating families question
Privatization of the Post Office (denied knowing anything about that)
Sanctuary cities
The SNAP program and the proposed accompanying training program -- who pays?
The wall -- why build one on the Mexican border and not the Canadian?
The infrastructure bill -- what will be done for locations without access to natural gas?
Net neutrality
VA services
Will the immigration bill pass? (@28:35) His answer includes details of the bill and his position.
Tariffs (with focus on agriculture). (@34 +/-)
Farm Bill
Medical transport and Medicaid
Immigration, separating families, again.
Amtrak fence (Kevin from Germantown @49:40).