The Cutty Strange Joungmin Lee, Alex Christie, Douglas Hedwig, and Encephalous

Jul 7, 2016: 1am - 2am
WGXC 90.7-FM: Hands-on Radio

Wave Farm Radio

This month, we will explore the world of shortwave radio manipulations, computer controlled synthesizers, and a retrospect of Michael Jackson's signature, nonverbal vocalizations. Artist featured are: Joungmin Lee, Alex Christie, Douglas Hedwig, and Encephalous. The Cutty Strange unveils a new and fresh format, starting November 2015. Programs will be made up of pieces by musicians, storytellers, poets, sound artists, and others. These commissioned works aim to bring new light to the broadcast art medium. In its first season, archived here, the show featured full episodes of select San Francisco Bay Area artists who shared their music, methods and stories.