Gustavo Matomoros/Kevin Norton and Valeria Vasilevski

Dec 07, 2005: 8pm- 11:59 pm
Location One

26 Greene St. | Manhattan, NY | 212-219-8242

Roulette at Location One show.
Gustavo Matomoros presents a mini retrospective of his work, including selections from Music On A Budget, gated pieces, sound videos, and an excerpt from Amazonas, a piece for paper weather instruments, saw and text, in collaboration with guest artist Alison Knowles.

"S.O.S. - Society of the Spectacle" Based on Kevin Norton's composition "For Guy Debord (in nine events)", Valeria Vasilevski's text, staging and direction brings us to "S.O.S - Society of the Spectacle" - a meditative, but complex oratorio based on the ideas of the modern philosopher, Guy Debord, vis-a-vis the Earth's current position. The lead voice/character is portrayed by the great vocalist, Kristin Norderval and the musicians include bassist John Lindberg, multi-wind player J. D. Parran and percussionist-composer Kevin Norton.