Video Production for Youth

Jun 10, 2007: 1pm- 5pm
The Sanctuary for Independent Media

3361 6th Avenue | Troy, NY | 518-207-6264

This 4-hour hands-on workshop is designed for young people to make their own media, and will change the way they watch TV forever! Participants will gain behind-the-scenes experience creating media messages using video cameras, microphones, and collective creativity. Participants will break into groups and work together to brainstorm ideas, storyboard the shots, and shoot short videos on issues close to them. The finished pieces will then be screened back to the entire group on the big screen. The instructors for this workshop have a wealth of youth produced media making experience. They have worked with youth here in Troy at the Ark, the Arts Center of the Capital Region, Troy High School, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, as well as the Manhattan Neighborhood Network Youth Channel in New York City. Instructors: Andrew Lynn, Victoria L. Kereszi, Branda Miller, Olivia Robinson. Intended for youth, maximum 20 youth.