Michael J. Schumacher + Alex Waterman + Christopher McIntyre

Mar 03, 2007 - Mar 04, 2007
Diapason Gallery

1026 Sixth Avenue, second floor | Manhattan, NY 10018 | 212-719-4393

"Room Pieces" are multi-channel sound installations of extended duration that use a modular compositional approach characterized by a wide variety of sonic material. The context of presentation is crucial: each manifestation of "Room Pieces" take on a unique identity based on the nature of the space in which it is installed. Intended for living spaces, "Room Pieces" define points in space and coordinate these points by juxtaposing related sounds and weaving a spatial geometry; a continuously shifting grid of multi-point relations with the listener as axis. Rather than “virtual space”—an imitation of a world outside this one—"Room Pieces" intersect the real world, sectionalizing space according to acoustic phenomena.