Twiceband Plays Cage

Sep 23, 2006: 9pm- 11pm
Neues Kabarett at the Brecht Forum

451 West St. | Manhattan, NY 10014 | 212-242-4201

Twiceband is a new ensemble dedicated to playing the music of John Cage, with an emphasis on the composer's use of "sampling" (long before such a term existed). For its premiere concert, the group will perform "Radio Music" - scored for six radios, and other pieces that don't employ traditional instrumentation. Twiceband was convened by John McDonough and Kurt Gottschalk. McDonough is a NYC based trumpeter, composer and improviser who has played at the Knitting Factory, ABC No Rio and the Blue Note. He has written a tribute to John Cage for between 1 and 42 CD players. Gottschalk is a music journalist who writes for All About Jazz, Coda, Signal to Noise and The Wire.