Megumi and Junichi Matsuzaki

May 16, 2006: 8pm- 11pm
Location One

26 Greene St. | Manhattan, NY

Junichi and Megumi Matsuzaki will perform solos and as a duo. Junichi has been performing on his “Cyber Guitar,” a table-top guitar prepared using “junk,” for the past ten years. The instrument is prepared with tubes, a mouthpiece, bells, a thumb piano and various other toys. For this Roulette show, he performs on his new model, “Cyber Guitar 2,” which retains all the junk and preparation of the original, but with better sound quality and more resonance. Megumi will play her sitar with pedal effects, making phrase loops, mixing up melody and noise and oscillating between acoustic and electric sounds. Megumi & Junich Matsuzaki collaborate for the performance of their new evening length work commissioned by Roulette with support from the Jerome Foundation. Both hailing from Hiroshima, Megumi and Junich each bring their own distinct background and sensibility to their five-year long artistic partnership. Megumi is a painter, a noise musician, an installation artist and sitar player. Junich invented his “junk-prepared-guitar” in 1993 and started playing saxophone in 1995, collaborated frequently with artists from other disciplines and founded his own performance venue. Since moving to NYC, Megumi and Junich formed a trio, ana o keke, and have performed throughout the city at venues such as Issue Project Room, SubTonic, PS 122 and Chashama.