Dan Ravicher, Executive Director of the Public Patent Foundation, discusses OSGATA vs. Monsanto (Audio)

Jan 23, 2012
Interview by Gianni Ortiz.
Gianni Ortiz (Director of FarmAssist Productions) speaks with Dan Ravicher, Executive Director of the Public Patent Foundation (PUBPAT) and the attorney representing 83 organic growers, seed producers and agricultural organizations who are the plaintiffs in a groundbreaking lawsuit, Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association vs. Monsanto. We will hear of the first preemptive challenge to stop Monsanto’s practice of suing family farms for patent infringement after their ‘transgenic material’ has contaminated their fields without their knowledge and against their will, often resulting in personal bankruptcy and the loss of those farms. This is the first time small farmers have had legal representation with the talent, expertise and funding of the quality offered by the non-profit law firm, PUBPAT. Dan Ravicher will explain the legal planks of the lawsuit. Don Patterson discusses the history behind the lawsuit, implications for organic growers and why the upcoming hearing on January 31st in NYC is so important. Sister Miriam MacGillis, Director of Genesis Farm and Learning Center speaks about the situation from an organic farmer’s, humanistic and spiritual perspective. Occupy Wall Street is organizing a show of support outside the courtroom on January 31st for more information on that you can go to and for more information on the legal documents and proceedings, you can go to