Radius Sketchpad Audio: Noé Cuéllar (Audio)

Dec 24, 2011
Produced by Radius.
Noé Cuéllar's Quiver 1, originally produced for Radius, followed by a playlist of works selected by the artist.

Quiver 1 is a sequence of two compositions: Panthalassa and Harrow/Dormant.

Panthalassa is a conceptual composition for solo voice that transects original vibrations of present, past, and future notions of transmission. The text-based score draws imaginary and concrete references, that can be interpreted by the performers��� premeditated imagination, immediate intuition, and underlying knowledge. These references are to be used as receptacles for autonomous, formulaic, oracular, and/or abstract prompts for vocal explorations. Panthalassa is composed for and executed by vocalist Kristin Hayter.

The second in the sequence, the graphic score Harrow/Dormant (2010), is performed by Jeff Gburek on guitar and electronics and Karolina Ossowska on violin, both sound artists and musicians currently based in Poznań, Poland. -Reprinted from Radius