Radio Stew: Anachrotechnofetishow Episode 2 (Audio)

Aug 13, 2018

Radio art, radio theatre, experiments, live show, anything goes on this nightly/early morning hour of radio. These shows are often live, and sometimes are hosted by the artists-in-residence at Wave Farm, special guests, visiting artists, and others. Tonight: The Anachrotechnofetishow each episode of the anachrotechnofetishow centers around a machine that was invented at least 100 years ago and is still in use today. “Anachrotechnofetishism” is the term given to people who fetishize anachronistic technologies, and it is often associated with the steam punk movement. But in this case, it’s used to revere century old technologies that are still in use today, asserting that newer is not always better. Much of our everyday life is still influenced by, or perhaps even dependent on technologies that have changed very little in the last hundred years. The anachrotechnofetishow originated as a community radio show in Sackville, NB, Canada, on CHMA 106.9 FM, every Monday from 10 p.m. to midnight in the winter of 2009. The original series was not recorded, but was later reperformed (again not recorded) in winter of 2010. The anachrotechnofetishow redux is a revisitation and third performance of the series, this time from the M-49 mobile radio trucks at the Wave Farm, in the Catskill Mountains. This time, the series is being broadcast with the purpose of being recorded for future distribution among non-traditional (read pirate) radio networks.
Episode List:
Episode 1: We Have Transmission: Radio Waves and Invisible Forces
Episode 2: Stitching it All Together: Sewing Machines, Knitting Machines, Looms & Textiles
Episode 3: Suck it Up: Music from the Vacuum Cleaner
Episode 4: Calling the Operator: Telephones, Microphones, and Messages
Episode 5: Check the Gate: Motion Picture Film Machines
Episode 6: Spell it Out: The Typewriter and its Descendants
Episode 7: Radio Redux: Revisiting the Radio, Spark Gaps, Transmitters, and Antennas